Saturday, September 8, 2012

Paper Cup Lights

As you might notice, I have a common theme with my posts. I'm trying to spice up my dorm and my projects have been centered around it. This is another one. However, you can use these ideas for other rooms besides a dorm. 
The dorm that I currently live in is the oldest one on campus to the extent that it does not have overhead lighting (or central air conditioning for that matter :P). Therefore, I've had to make do with a floor lamp to light my entire space, but that wasn't cutting it. I wanted another form of lighting and I always thought that white Christmas lights in a room was cute and feminine but I wanted to take it up a notch. That's when I found this project on Pinterest from

ADORABLE, right?!

So I decided to add the paper cups to a string of white Christmas lights. The directions were quite simple and easy. The worst part was probably wrapping the scrapbook paper to fit around the cups. 

Supplies needed:
Christmas lights
Paper cups (I would suggest the mini cups)
Scrapbook paper (pretty good amount, depending on how many lights are on your string)
Mod Podge

1. Start by taking one paper cup and cutting it down one side vertically and removing the bottom circle. This way you can make a template on the scrapbook paper that will fit around the paper cup exactly.
2. Then start tracing onto your paper! 
3. Cut out your stencils and start applying Mod Podge to the paper cups and wrapping the scrapbook paper around them.
4. Finally, once the Mod Podge has dried, take your scissors and make an X on the bottom of the cup. 
5. All that's left is to slip the light bulbs through the X and they stay on perfectly! 
Voila! You have paper cup lights that can be tailored to any room color/theme :)

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