Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Beer Bottles

This post is dedicated to my Aunt Karen. She emailed me asking what she can do with a bunch of empty beer bottles she had from the brewery she owns. She wanted something crafty and creative to do with the so I put on my thinking cap and this is what I came up with! With Christmas on the mind, and just around the corner, I used the bottles to make Christmas inspired decorations that could be used along a fireplace mantle or anywhere in your home.

3 glass beer bottles
Green Valspar spray paint
Christmas ribbon- thick and thin
Wooden glitter letters
1 purple plastic snowflake ornament (used behind the "o")
Fake glittered branches from Hobby Lobby
Hot glue gun

1. Make sure that the bottles are clean of sticky residue left over from the labels. I used Goo Gone to get it off but hot water and soap should also do the trick. 
2. Spray paint the bottles by using long even strokes. Avoid the paint from running down the bottle. I sprayed the bottles in my garage and sat them on cardboard so I didn't have paint everywhere!
3. After letting the bottles dry completely, I wrapped the thick Christmas ribbon around the bottle and then used hot glue to secure it. 
4. For the J and Y bottle, I took the thick ribbon again and cut 2 6-7 in. pieces of ribbon. I took the ends of the ribbon and folded them towards the center and put a dab of hot glue.
5. After folding both pieces of ribbon, I glued one on top of the another in a cross. Then, I took the thinner ribbon and did the same and glued that on top of the thicker ribbon.
6. For the "O," I used a snowflake ornament behind it instead and put some of the thinner ribbon along the edge of the snowflake to add some pizzazz. 
7. Lastly, I hot glued the wooden letters on top of the ribbon bows and put the glittered branches in the bottles.