Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paint Chip Initial & Flowers

Living in a dorm can be pretty depressing. I mean, there's just not much to it. Blank, white walls, some windows, ugly brown closets and desks...color is definitely lacking! I wanted to bring some brightness and life to the place that I would be living in for the next 9 months so I started thinking of ways I could do that. Paint was not an option, unless, I wanted to pay a hefty fine at the end of the semester. Buying a few pieces of artwork would be costly. I could make my own masterpieces but that would require spending dollars on paints, brushes, and other supplies for basically a one-time use. Not worth it for a girl on a tight budget.

While on Pinterest, I came across an entire wall covered with paint chips.

First thought: WHOA! That is brilliant.
Second thought: I DO NOT have that much time on my hands.

Therefore, I came up with my own paint chip art that takes up a lot less time than applying hundreds of them to an entire wall, but still bringing color to a dorm room for free!

To Make Paint Chip Initial:
1. Start by deciding what color scheme you want to go with- warm colors, cool colors, neutrals, brights, or just a mix n' match or swatches! 
Take the colors you've decided to use for the initial and cut thin horizontal strips across each color (about half an inch thick). Cut A LOT of them! Trust me, you'll go through them quick after layering them on.

2. Once you have a nice pile of strips to work with, begin by applying glue (preferably glue stick, super glue, or hot glue) to one of the long edges of the strip on the colored side and place another strip just barely over it. This will make the overlapping look. 
Note: After attaching around 15 strips together, it may become a little flimsy. To make it hold together until it's finished, I flipped it over to the backside and placed a piece of masking tape vertically on the back to keep the pieces in tact while the glue dries. The tape can remain on there, no one will see it!

3. For the letter "M," I made two identical longer pieces for the "sides" of the M and then made two smaller pieces for the inside part or the "v." I simply attached all of the pieces together to make the shape of the "M" by using the masking tape. 

4. And voila! You are finished! Since I live in a dorm, I just hung it on the wall with putty so the paint wouldn't chip causing me to have fines. To make it more durable, you could also cut out your initial in cardboard and attach the paint chip initial to the cardboard. This would simply give it more support. 

To Make Paint Chip Flowers:
1. Start by making a template for your petals. You will need larger, wider leaves for the outer petals of the flower and thinner or "skinnier" petals for the inside petals. Having a template will allow you to trace your petals quickly and efficiently. 

2. Just as you applied a thin layer of glue to the side of the strips for the initial, you will apply a thin layer of glue to one colored side of the petal and overlap the next petal.

3. Repeat the above process until your flower is complete! You can mix and match colors using the color scheme you prefer.

4. Lastly, cut a circle out of a paint chip either by using a circle cutter or by hand and glue to the center of your flower!

5. THAT'S IT! Who would've thought decorative wall flowers could be so simple? :)
BONUS: To spice up your flowers even more, you could add glitter, rhinestones and/or other embellishments depending on your taste and the look you're going for. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm OFFICIALLY a blogger!

Hello everyone!
After much apprehension and hesitation, I have finally made my first attempt at blogging. It took me awhile to even realize that I could post all of my awesome projects online to share with the world until I became an avid, crazily obsessed Pinterest user and came across TONS of blogs there. However, that still wasn't enough to convince me that I could put together my OWN blog until my boyfriend's cousin told me to go for it! 
So I did. 
And now, I am so anxious to get started posting my different ideas and projects I create and hope that you all enjoy them as much as I do...and maybe make your own! 
I would just like to welcome you to my blog and I hope that I can get your creative juices flowing with the projects to come!