Sunday, January 13, 2013

Starbucks Door Decs

The spring semester starts tomorrow and God knows I'm not ready for the work to start piling up again! A month long break just never seems long enough...Yet, there is an exciting factor to starting a new semester for any R.A. that is new floor themes!
Each semester R.A.'s go through the process of figuring out what the exciting theme of the floor will be this semester. What do my residents like? What is something completely unique and never been done before? Of course, there is your typical Disney theme or superheroes but I wanted something new.
The weather in Cape has been pretty gloomy and the temperature seems to be dropping by the minute. When classes begin and the university opens, every student on campus and their brother will be hitting up the Starbucks on campus. It's, without a doubt, the most popular dining establishment for Southeast students.
So I got to thinking....cold weather, Starbucks, deliciousness, nectar of the Gods...I'll do a coffee theme!
Luckily, I have a friend who's dad is a Starbucks manager and hooked me up with 30+ Starbucks coffee sleeves or I would've had to made a lot of trips to Starbucks to nibble away at taking the amount I needed for all of my residents.
The coffee cups turned out cute and they were really simple to make. I just made a template for the cup and the lid, traced, and cut! I thought it would be more fun to get cute, colorful scrapbook paper for the cups rather than plain white. My floor is also all girls so that added to it being okay.
Door decs is the slang term resident assistants use for door decorations, which are what go on each residents door with their name on it.
Here's how they turned out:

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