Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shutter Headboard

With about a week left of winter break, it's time that I post the projects that I've been working on while being stress-free of homework and enjoying the holiday season! The month of December has flown by and 2013 quickly crept up to me. Along with the typical New Year's resolutions of getting into the best shape I can and pledging to take time out  of my busy schedule every once in awhile to enjoy all that life has to offer, I'm making the resolution to hopefully post projects more frequently on Diary of a Crafty Girl and to really get my blog on a roll. Therefore, starting 2013 off with a bang, I'm posting a project that I've been working on for awhile (basically on weekends I was home from school over the past two months). 

This project is what I call a shutter headboard. The name says it all. I took four shutters that you would normally use for your windows on the outside of your home, spray painted them, stenciled an elegant design, and hung them behind my bed as a headboard. It was a really simple, affordable way to transform shutters into something that looks a lot more sophisticated. My room consists of a Paris theme with three of my walls painted the light purple that you see in the photo and the fourth wall a dark purple. Throughout my room I have mostly black accents so that's why I went with spray painting the shutters a shiny black and the stenciling really popped against it. I'm thinking about adding a strand of lights along the edge of the headboard, but that's still up for debate. Check it out and I hope you're inspired to make your own!


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  1. It really changed the appearance of your bed. This headboard is really sophisticated and I love the stenciled design! You are one very creative individual. It looks really stylish and I am amazed by the fact that these simple window shades or shutters became like this.